CBD Peppermint Drink Shot (50ml/50mg)
CBD Peppermint Drink Shot (50mg)
March 3, 2020
Blue Fusion CBD Oral Drops (10ml:500mg)
Blue Fusion CBD Drops (10ml/500mg)
March 3, 2020

CBD Oral Syringe (5pcs/50mg)


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You’re viewing our CBD Oral Syringe (5pcs/50mg)!

Our CBD syringes are the perfect way to get an accurate dose of CBD. Each 1ml syringe contains 50mg of Broad Spectrum CBD.
Simply place liquid between gum and cheek, hold for 8-10 seconds, then rub your cheek until you feel the extract grab your gum.
Our syringes are fully measured for maximum accuracy.

MCT oil, hemp extract, Cannabidiol

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