KN95 Face Masks (10 Pieces) 4
KN95 Face Masks (10 Pieces)
May 10, 2020
Reusable Anti Dust Face Mask (Black)
Reusable Anti Dust Face Mask (Black)
May 12, 2020

Disposable Vinyl Gloves (50 Pairs)


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You are currently viewing our Disposable Vinyl Gloves (50 Pairs)!

Reduce the risk of harmful exposures
– Highly flexible vinyl
– Non-sterile single-use vinyl gloves
– Designed to fit either hand
– Smooth finish with perfect fit

Disposable vinyl gloves are ideal for situations where hygiene and cleanliness is top priority. Vinyl gloves are latex-free and so are suitable for anyone wearing protective gloves that may have a latex allergy. Ideal for those seeking a low priced product without compromising on quality.

Suitable for low-risk tasks. Powder-free with beaded cuff, making the gloves easy to don. Made of high-quality PVC plasticise and designed to offer sensitivity and improved comfort.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical product and does not prevent, treat or cure any illnesses or diseases.

This product complies with all applicable UK Laws and regulations.

All PPE products are exempt from VAT and you won’t be charged VAT for this product!

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Weight 100 g