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August 6, 2020
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August 6, 2020

Little Rick CBD Drink Cola (330ml/32mg)


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Little Rick CBD Drink Cola:

Once again, this is an all natural recipe using a low calorie blend of British beet sugar and natural plant-based, sweetener to give you a truly enjoyable drink without the usual soft-drink-guilt.


Cola is little ricks limited edition CBD drink, which has been specially formulated to boost both your mood and your energy levels

With a healthy dose of Kola nut extract, our limited edition Cola flavour contains caffeine and is a day-time drink, naturally enhanced with Kola nut to keep you upbeat.

Kola nut extract contains theobromine, alkaloids and flavonoids which all have uplifting properties – our Cola flavour is more of a pick me up than a wind me down and is definitely not for bed time drinking!

If you’re up for some giggles and some energy, give this flavour a try and see what you think!

Available while stock lasts… though if you like it, we might make more!!

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